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Choosing a Termite Damage Company

Knowing you have termites within your property can mean trouble, but finding the right company to deal with it need not be. Still, with the high toxicity of chemicals used to eliminate termites, you have to choose a company that will provide treatment following the strictest safety protocols.

Here are considerations for you to make when choosing a pest damage service:

License and Certification

First off, consider a termite damage company only if it is licensed in your state and certified. Know that licensing requirements vary according to the state. As well, make sure to hire a company with a license specific to termite damage, as not all pest damage companies are licensed to handle termites.

However, don’t just take a company’s word for it when they say they are licensed and certified. It’s important to do your own research pertaining to this. Get the license number of the company and details about their certification, and verify with your secretary of state and the body that issued the certification.

It’s also wise to speak to some of their past clients to know how happy they were with the results, and whether or not the problem recurred.


On top of a license and certifications, you need your termite damage company to be insured, and you should verify such coverage too. This step is absolutely crucial when you’re talking about termite damage. Homeowners’ insurance usually excludes termite treatment or repairs, so you’re basically on your own when it comes to protecting your property. Warranties with a damage clause are also not commonly offered by pest damage companies. Before you sign a contract with a damage clause, you need to understand what it covers exactly. If you think a warranty program is not within your budget, sign up for a yearly termite inspection at least.

The Process

Ask the prospective company what exactly they plan to do to eradicate your termite problem. Will they be using baits or traps? What specific chemicals? For your reference, make them present your plan to you in black and white. Ask each of your prospective companies to do that and compare their plans.

The Fine Print

In many areas around the country, pest damage services are grouped into general pest damage and termite damage. Your contract must cover the service you’re seeking. Go through the contract ever so carefully, making sure that every single detail is understood. Most certainly, you should have a written contract as this will serve as your protection.

Your Gut Feel

Lastly, if a company somehow makes you feel ill at ease, it may not be wise to work with them. Keep in mind that this is going to be an ongoing process. Pest damage technicians often visit your home on a regular basis, so you have to be totally comfy with the idea.

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Questions About Termites You Must Know the Answers To